Joachim Ferdinand RICHARDT (1819-1895)

Birth place:  Denmark

Death place: Oakland, USA

Profession: Landscape painter


Upcoming 2 paintings Niagara Falls by Joachim Ferdinand RICHARDT at the auction of Maison Jules,

Auction Saturday 24th of November (see below) Lot 61 & 62


Joachim Ferdinand Richardt began his career at the age of 16 in 1836. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. Already at a young age he was awarded with different medals for his marvelous artwork. Having the famous architect and designer Gustav Hetsch and the historical artists Lund and Bertel Thorwaldson as teachers they were for him and exemple of great and fine art and so the path was laid for a great career.

In 1847 he received a scholarship for several years but on the condition that he would deliver among other things one landscape painting each year to he royal art collection of the king of Denmark. As succesfull as he was, he also sold different paintings to he King of Denmark, the Russian Czar and British royalty.

As he was such a famous landscape painter in his time and well known in royal enviroment and aristocracy so Queen Victoria invited him to exhibit his art works to he court at Windsor castle in the English county of Berkshire.

He received not only attention from royals and upper middle classe but also from very wealthy persons who particulary loved his paintings of the Niagara Falls. That is why he was commissioned by William Henry Vanderbilt (he was the richest American who owned the New York Central Railroad ) to paint the falls for several thousands of dollars with was a huge amount in that time.

After several years of visiting the United States in 1873 he moved to the town of Niagara Falls where again he painted several works of the waterfall and surroundings. Afterwards he moved to San Francisco and Oakland were he continued painting landscapes especially in the area of San Francisco Bay.

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt not only participated in but also held many solo exhibitions. As the result of this Richardt’s works are present in many important collections not only  in the United States but also abroad .Besides several museums (NY State Histrical Society; New York Public Library; Oakland Museum; California Historical Society; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Thorwaldsen Museum, Copenhagen) there are also paintings of Richardt’s in the White House.


Joachim Ferdinand Richardt

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, c. 1858 – 1863 (White House)


Joachim Ferdinand Richardt: Niagara Falls

“Underneath Niagara Falls” by Richardt (1862) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art



  • Paul D. Schweizer & Melinda Young Stuart, Ferdinand Richardt: Drawings of America, 1855-1859
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Upcoming in the auction at Maison Jules 24th November
2 paintings of Joachim Ferdinand RICHARDT  the Niagara Falls, signed and dated. LOT 61 & 62
The paintings needs some restauration and a cleaning.
The dimensions 36 x 55 cm.

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt Joachim Ferdinand Richardt


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